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Freedom24 Review 2021 - The only EU-based broker listed in NASDAQ

Freedom24 is an online trading platform that supports international investments in stocks, bonds, futures, options, and ETFs from the world’s biggest exchanges – Europe, the US, and Asia. This all adds up to more than 1,000,000 available investment products!

Taking a look at the platform’s background, Freedom24 is the online brokerage arm of Freedom Finance Europe Ltd.,  the European subsidiary of public holding Freedom Holding Corp. The parent company has a market cap of just around $3.8 billion and it’s publicly traded on NASDAQ (NASDAQ:FRHC), making Freedom Finance Europe the only EU-based NASDAQ listed stockbroker. We can’t overstate how important that is for the platform’s liquidity. But there’s more to what makes this online broker really stand out among an endless list of such platforms.

Apart from the regular investment vehicles that can be traded on an online broker, Freedom24 also provides its users with the option to participate in IPO offerings, meaning that you can get a chance to invest in shares of companies that are about to enter an exchange! Ask any retail investor, they will tell you that good IPOs are really hard to come by, especially since it had always been a “VIP sport” for institutional investors.

If you already were on the verge of starting your portfolio with Freedom24 you may go ahead and hit the Sign-Up button! You can rest assured that you’ve made a great choice.

If you need more info on why this online broker has caught our eyes so much (we’re just getting started with the features), keep reading.

⮕ Freedom24 At A Glance

The Freedom24 trading platform is accessible either via desktop or via their mobile app for iOS and Android and it is localized in 25 European languages.
To give you the quick version of what you get by becoming a Freedom Finance client:

⮕ Safety First: Is it secure to trust your money with Freedom24?

The first thing you always need to remember when you’re in the process of choosing an online broker is safety. We would never recommend a platform unless we’re 100% sure about its security measures and robust protection features in place. When it comes to the legitimacy of Freedom24, well we can be 110% sure!

Freedom Finance Europe Ltd (formerly known as Freedom Finance Cyprus Ltd) is regulated by three authorities: Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Freedom24 also operates under MiFID II rules. That alone indicates the highest level of investor protection, a compensation Scheme that protects your capital up to 20.000€ in cash, with no expiration date! What does this mean? It means that even in the extremely unlikely scenario where Freedom24 goes bankrupt, investors can rest assured that their capital is safe! So if your account is loaded with anything up to €20,000, you got absolutely nothing to worry about.

💡 In simple words: A platform like Freedom24, with more than a decade of consecutive action, that operates under every single regulation in the book and falls under a parent company publicly traded in NASDAQ, offers the safety every investor dreams of.

⮕ Investment Products Offered By Freedom24

Before diving into the list of products offered by Freedom24, remember that every new account holder is gifted one random free stock up to $600! Could be a Tesla, an Apple, a Netflix share! Way more than your average welcoming gift! It’s the way the platform shows appreciation to its new-coming users and helps ease the launch of their journey into the stock market. You can do whatever you want with this share. HODL or sell.

In total, the investment products you get access to, by choosing Freedom24, exceed 1,000,000! Honestly, you have to try really hard in order to find something that is missing.

💡 Important note: Investing in securities using Freedom24, means that the investment products are actually bought under your name. You actually own the real underlying asset, unline other investment tools you may have encountered, that follow the price of the asset without you actually owning it. No need to worry about all this with Freedom24!

The list of investment products available in Freedom24:

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Futures & Options
  • Bonds
  • IPOs

Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Future & Options

With Freedom24, you get access to a very large variety of securities that includes companies from the global business map. And the same goes for the exchanges. What does all that mean in simple words? You can buy shares from American, European, or Asian companies, listed in the world’s biggest exchanges (NYSE, XETRA, LSE, Nasdaq, etc.)

It’s out of the question that stocks of global tech leaders such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Tesla, Siemens, Shell, Netflix, etc. are, of course, included. In total, you get access to more than 40,000 stocks available to trade. And off course, don’t forget about dividends. If you’ve bought stocks of companies that issue dividends to their shareholders, you will get them via the Freedom24 platform! 

As for ETFs, again you can rest assured that every popular ETF from big issuers is listed in Freedom24. Vanguard, iShares, Amundi, Invesco, you name it. All you need to do is type the ETF you’re looking for and start investing. So simple!

Note that for your first 30 days upon account creation, all trading actions that involve the products above,  come with 0% commission. This is called the “Promo Plan” and it’s automatically enabled upon registration.
After your first month as a Freedom24 user, trading fees apply and they vary according to your Service Plan of choice. 
Continue reading to learn more about Commission fees and Service Plans.

Participation in IPOs

Arguably, the feature that makes Freedom24 really stand out from the rest of the online investment platforms is the chance to participate in Initial Public Offerings – IPOs. As we mentioned, this opportunity was previously accessible only for institutional investors, but now, individual retail investors can get a market head start as well! 

Since 2012, Freedom Finance has introdued its users to more than 250 IPOs!
*Past investment results do not guarantee future returns

This benefit that Freedom24 users can enjoy, is, without a doubt, what caught our attention the most. And Freedom24 knows how powerful it is. You can already tell by the fact that they have a dedicated IPO page on their site. There you can be informed of upcoming IPOs (believe us, it’s full of great brands!) and see all the past IPOs recommendations and how they’ve been performing so far!

Still trying to figure out why we overstate the importance of this feature? Let’s take a look at what participating in an IPO actually means:
Customers have the chance to buy shares of a company at their initial price before the company goes available for public trading. When the trading begins, and the lock-up period expires (a 93-day period through which the shares bought in the IPO can’t be sold), you can either sell these stocks or hold them. According to Freedom24 and their experience, prices can grow by tens or even hundreds of percent after the lock-up! And it makes total sense. When a company is about to go public, always expect its publicity to grow exponentially for the purpose of attracting investors – and so grows its stocks’ demand.

Why Invest in IPOs with Freedom24?

First of all, to give you a brief back story, IPOs have always been characterised by great imbalance in share allocation. Demand for hot IPO shares beats supply by a lot, so retail investors needed to have very strong connections with issuing companies to be able to get in the action. And those companies would, of course, allocate the high-income clients more IPO shares. 
This is exactly what Freedom24 came to tackle. Sure, users with a higher client rating (more trades, large history of IPO participation, etc), will still get a bigger share of the pie, but at least now everyone has a chance! It’s just fair!
Apart from all that, 3 reasons why you should definitely consider Freedom24 if you wish to participate in an IPO are the following:

  1. Their financial analysts carefully study the issuing company’s business indicators and analyze the market environment. And that info is available for you to read! Overall, you know that out of all the IPOs, you’ll be recommended the most promising ones! And you’ll be notified, as well.
  2. The minimal entry threshold for Freedom24 clients has been put to an affordable level. Your investment account should have funds of at least $2,000. Imagine that large investors – the only ones allowed to participate in IPOs back then – needed several million dollars!
  3. Freedom24 is among the very few European companies to provide access to US IPOs. And, even though you can’t take past data as indicators for the future, a look on the platform’s IPO page and past IPOs can give you a hint on how they’ve performed.

Have you spotted a company you believe has great potential in the list of upcoming IPOs by Freedom24? Just go ahead and create your account now to participate!

*Involves risk of losing your capital.

⮕ Pros & Cons

Before diving more into the platform’s features and what we found most interesting, let’s take a break to sum it up in the good, old Pros and Cons way.


Highly Regulated platform – publicly traded in NASDAQ.

Option to participate in IPOs.

Easy and Quick Registration Process (around 10′).

D-account with a 3% yearly interest rate!

0% trading commissions for the first 30 days.

Low-fee Service Plans even after the first 30 days.


Fractional Shares not available.

❌ Specific list of investment product categories. Some common ones may be missing, but the total list sum of 1,000,000 assets from the existing categories makes up for it!

⮕ A savings D-account with a 3% interest rate. What???

Another extremely interesting and valuable feature that Freedom24 offers to its customers is the D-account.

This is nothing more than a savings account where you can keep your money, as in any traditional bank. But, there’s one huge difference:

In contrast to the interest rates offered by banks (0.05%, or even negative), a D-account in Freedom24 offers a 3% annual interest rate  (in USD) with daily interest return!

This means that you can benefit even from funds that you do not actively use for investments. You can “park” them in this account so that they offer you a “passive” interest rate until you find the next investment opportunity.

Freedom24 informs us that it manages to provide these interest rates because it uses D-account money for Currency Swaps that take place within the platform. These give a profit which, in turn, is shared with its customers.

💡 Suggestion: You do not have to be a trader to have a Freedom24 D Account.The D-account is a separate account from your Trading Account and you can transfer money to and from it at any time. Or, if you don't want to trade, you can just keep your capital in the D Account and enjoy the benefits of high compound interest rate that no regular bank is able to offer at the moment.

⮕ Actual Financial Advice, Investment Ideas and Tools

Even if it’s your first time entering the world of investing, you’ll soon see that doing your research, analyzing data and following the market trends are all key elements of successful investing.
However, as much fun as it can be for many of us, it can also become a pain point when it comes to the time you need to spend on such research. You need a source of information and inspiration that can actually save you some time, but can also be trusted. That’s exactly what Freedom24 can offer!

Freedom Finance can provide clients with comprehensive analytical support and consulting of real investment experts.

Make sure to check out the sections InvestIdeas and News, both easily accessible via the Freedom24 web platform or mobile app. There you will find everything you need regarding the latest market news across a variety of financial markets, actual expert investing suggestions and opportunities, and updates regarding hot financial and business topics that concern Freedom24 investors.

Once you’ve gathered all you need to start your analysis, the platform has a vast selection of trading tools that can be used to analyze the markets across various chart types and timeframes. This includes technical indicators and drawing tools

With Freedom24, you can read, learn, analyze, invest, and grow financially all in one place!

⮕ Platform Usability & Account Setup

Freedom24 offers one of the most intuitive user interfaces, easy to navigate through and with everything a potential user would look for, right in place.

Your investing account (and your D-account) will be ready in around 10 minutes. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Click on the Sign-Up button. This will take you to the Freedom24 Official Site where you are asked to provide your email, a username, and a password.
  2. Fill the mini questionnaire to give Freedom24 an overview of your Investor Profile (your level experience, what you wish to achieve, etc.)
  3. Verify your account by providing a picture of a valid identification document (your ID or your passport), along with a selfie from your phone to prove your identity.

This whole process is mandatory and it’s part of what’s called KYC – Know Your Customer. It costs us, the users, a few more minutes, compared to just providing an email for the signup, but it’s totally worth it as it keeps malicious users and “bad actors” away from the platform! 
Do not worry if you’re not super familiar with technology, Freedom24 will guide you step-by-step to it.

All you have to do is top it up and start investing within a couple of clicks. How you can load funds to your account?

  • via Credit or Debit card: your funds will instantly appear on your account and you are only charged a processing fee of up to 2.5%.
  • via Bank Transfer: this process is 100% free of charge, and your funds will appear after 2-3 working days. Bank fees may apply, depending on your bank.

Tips for new accounts:
1. Take the time to answer the questions upon account creation so that every available feature on the platform is unlocked for you. Your answer will form your financial profile, and Freedom24 will provide relevant suggestions according to your profile! You can change this info anytime you wish.
2. Loading up funds to your account is super easy. If you wish to deposit a large amount of funds, just choose the Bank Transfer. Both are safe, but this way you avoid the 2.5% fee of card deposit.

Needless to say that the platform’s mobile app offers similar ease of use to the platform’s website. The app is available on App Store and Google Play. We can safely say that it won’t take longer than 10 minutes to figure out how to start with this app, even if you are a complete beginner!

⮕ Service Plans and Fees

Regarding trading fees, Freedom24 follows a per-share pricing model whose price hinges on your frequency of trade and the number of shares bought.

Can’t decide which one to choose? This is why it’s very important to first solidify what type of investor you are and then proceed with your selection. Retail investors that make less frequent trades, on a small volume basis, will probably find the free Smart plan more suitable. Active traders may find a better suit in one of the paid plans that offer lower per-share fees!

No matter which one you choose to go with in the long run, every newly registered user is offered a 30-day Free Plan featuring 0% commission on all your trades! After this period of 30 days passes, you are automatically given the free Smart plan. You can change to any plan you wish easily from your account settings.

As far as withdrawals are concerned: The withdrawal process occurs via bank transfer within the click of a button, it takes about 2-3 working days for your money to appear to your bank account, and it involves no extra fees!

⮕ Is Freedom24 Right For You?

Well, the short answer is that it’s definitely one of the best broker cases when it comes to European investors. Either you are a long-term type of investor, or an active trader, Freedom24 offers such great value to its users that you just should at least consider it among your options.

The fact that it offers legitimate financial advisory, lets you participate in the hottest IPOs, and provides access to real assets from all over the world, safely and with confidence in your trading activities, all add up to a robust choice. That’s all Freedom24 is about. Even if you are not interested in trading, just the D-account (we still can’t believe how great this 3% annual interest is) is enough to make it worth a look!

Make sure you do not miss the chance for becoming a user now and getting advantage of the 30-day Promo plan with 0% commission trading! Who knows how long they’ll leave this window open.

*0%-commission trades can be done during the first 30 days of account creation. Trading fees after that vary according to your service plan. Non-trading fees also apply. Investments in securities and other financial instruments always involve the risk of loss of capital