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2 smart ways to invest in the world’s most popular ETFs, commission-free!

2 smart ways to invest in the world’s most popular ETFs, commission-free!

Let’s see the story of Bob.

Bob decides to invest 1000€ in a single stock. If the stock price explodes upwards (a case that rarely happens), Bob will finally be able to afford the new 65-inch TV he was dreaming about. If the price of the stock goes the other way, Bob not only sticks with the old LED TV but also puts himself in a highly stressful position. Poor Bob!

Instead of doing that, though, Bob read our content in Capital Tale and decided that the smart way to ditch that high risk was to invest that 1000€, but spread it across several assets! Now he is way more confident that the new TV will soon be in his living room, he just has to wait a bit more for the moment to come. And, he finally can sleep well at night. Good job, Bob! Diversification is key to a healthy portfolio and a more stress-free life!

Now comes the question: what’s a good way to diversify your portfolio? Bob may have done a good job with spreading his funds across multiple assets, but he probably also had to pay for trading fees for every single asset he bought! And this could add up to a much accountable sum!
Our suggestion? ETFs! Exchange-Traded Funds (aka ETFs) are what we call “baskets of assets”. By buying an ETF, you own a product that tracks the performance of all of its underlying assets. All that with just one transaction, and without you having to do anything (passive management). Want to learn more about ETFs? Read our dedicated page here. (link)

One of the main benefits of ETFs (other than the level off diversification they provide), is that their cost is very low compared to other funds! They include a management fee that floats around 0.05%-1% and a trading fee (when you buy or sell an ETF), that depends on the platform of the transaction.

Let’s see two smart ways through which you can invest in your favorite ETFs, and avoid this trading commission!

1. DEGIRO: Invest globally in a list of popular ETFs, without commissions, once a month!

Every calendar month, DEGIRO allows users to execute their first trade in an ETF of their “Free ETF Core Selection” list, 100% commissions-free! And that’s regardless of the size of trade and direction (buy or sell), as long as it does not lead to a short position. (*conditions apply – see DEGIRO‘s site for more information)

*Investing involves the risk of losing your capital.

At first, we thought this ETF Core Selection list would be too narrow to be worth the shot. We couldn’t be more wrong! The list consists of around 200 of the absolutely most popular ETFs, from different sectors, regions, and providers! You can even evaluate them by their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) ratings – a very popular metric for such funds.
The only thing to pay attention to is that some ETFs may be listed on multiple exchanges and that it is only the exchange listed that is commission-free.

The trades made in the same instrument of your first trade, within the same calendar month, will also be free as long as:

  • The trade is in the same direction as the first trade (buy or sell).
  • The order size is at least 1000 EUR, GBP, or USD.

For example, your first trade is to buy shares of ETF. This is commission-free, no matter the order size. If you decide to buy more shares of the same ETF, then if your order size is at least 1000€ you also avoid commissions! If you wish to sell it during the same calendar month of the first trade, then you would be charged trading fees.

💡Tip: Conduct all of your ETF-related transactions - no matter the order size - as your first trades of each calendar month, and you will just stay clear of trading fees!

2. Freedom24: Commission-free trading for the first 30 days upon account creation!

If you press the button to sign up for a Freedom24 trading account, you are automatically provided the Promo Service Plan. This means that for the first 30 days, you can invest in stocks, ETFs, and bonds commission-free! After the first 30 days, it is 100% on you regarding the Service Plan you want to proceed with (default choice is the Smart Plan – also 0€ per month in subscription fees).

*Investments in securities and other financial instruments always involve the risk of loss of capital

What a great way to take off your investment journey! You can choose over a really broad variety of ETFs from all over the world, across multiple sectors and exchanges! And of course, you will find ETFs from the most popular issuers like Vanguard, iShares, Amundi, and more! You just need to type in the name of the ETF you’re looking for and start investing. Believe us, we couldn’t find an ETF to put on the search bar and get “No results found”. Literally, every single one is on the list!

And don’t forget that Freedom24 has been praised by Bloomberg for their well- thought recommendations and market analysis. Visit the InvestIdeas section and browse through articles of well-established financial analysts. You will find great suggestions on what ETFs to pay attention to in terms of forecasting, liquidity levels, and overall performance from different sectors and global regions!

💡Tip: Browsing through Freedom’s InvestIdeas, or by your own research, we are sure that you will find your ETFs of choice, and probably you’ll already know which ones you’ll want to invest more into. We suggest you concentrate all your “large” orders on the first 30 days of your trading activity and leave “smaller” exposure decisions for later.

Bonus: The Advanced Tip

Do you want to achieve an extra level of diversification? We suggest you get the best out of the two worlds! On both DEGIRO and Freedom24, signing up is 100% free and the minimum deposit amount is 0€!

Why not create both accounts and:

  • use DEGIRO for all your trades on ETFs from their ETF Core Selection list 
  • use Freedom24 for all your trades on ETFs or exchanges that are not listed in DEGIRO’s list, and conduct your large trades during the first 30 days